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Register via the link to participate in the 
Steps for SRU
Annual initiative during May


Set your step goal for May and collect sponsorship dollars from friends and family to donate to SRU and create much-needed awareness for our organisation. 

Register yourself or your workplace now!  We'll provide you with the social media tile (above) to advertise your participation and create awareness to encourage sponsors to help our cause. 

Steps for SRU -
Annual Initiative


Our “Steps for SRU” campaign is all about community awareness, kids being active, and raising funds through sponsorship. A minimum $1 donation is asked from each sponsor for the student to complete their goal steps. The students then bring their sponsorship money in an envelope to the school’s office, on or before the day of the event.

We will provide you with our bank details to deposit all the monies raised from your school, so we can get a total from each participating school… because we’d love to give out a prize for the Primary and Secondary schools that have raised the most to help us help the community!

We’re proposing a school program (Primary and Secondary) of fundraising to support SRU, which incorporates;

  • An out-of-uniform day – students wear blue in support of SRU.

  • Students complete at least 2000 steps/ walking 1500m/ walking for approx. 20 minutes. Older students participating could progressively walk further for longer, achieving more steps. We will leave it up to each school to set their goal and name their fundraising day.


We are proposing for all schools to hold their fundraising event during the month of May - Term 2. May will be our yearly awareness month, where we focus on selling merchandise, hold our annual Charity Gala Ball, and run a string of other small events to build community awareness. 

We will supply the Sponsorship form template for you to print off for the students. Just print one off, fill in your event date, then photocopy it for your students.

All funds donated will help us with the everyday running costs of the charity, including supplying those in need with food relief, dignity bags, counselling, and support, etc.

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