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Survivor's R Us Incorporated was founded in March 2017 and is a not-for-profit charity and benevolent institution that supports the fight against domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. We are not affiliated with any other organisations and do not receive any funding from other sources. All money that we receive in sales and donations goes directly back into the day-to-day running of the charity.

We help Men, Women and Children by offering counselling services, maintain a discount food warehouse and have an op-shop which sells both pre-loved items as well as items that are made on-site by our wonderful volunteers. We also supply dignity bags, children’s toys and household furniture for families who have nothing or have lost everything. We do not discriminate on race, gender or sexual orientation; if you or someone you know needs help we want to provide that help.

We have a Food Warehouse, named 'The Pantry', which is stocked with food purchased by us from Foodbank Australia and we sell it per bag in a bundle deal in accordance with Foodbank’s Selling Policy. In addition to the Foodbank food, we are partnered with OzHarvest and receive a delivery of free food from them every Friday. The food from OzHarvest is always free. We also get fresh bread in on Thursdays thanks to Bakers Delight, Toronto. The Bakers Delight bread is also always free.

Thanks to the sewing and crafting activities that we run, we have handmade gifts for sale with the proceeds going to Survivor’s R Us Incorporated to keep us open and helping in the community.

The team at Survivor’s R Us is completely made up of volunteers as well as people from the work for the dole program, working to fill their hourly quota. We take on the work for the dole staff to help give them the vital work experience and basic skills required to help them gain paid employment.

The reason for us being so passionate about helping those in domestic violence situations is because the founder and owner of Survivor’s R Us, Ann-Maria Martin, is herself a survivor of domestic violence. We know how hard it is, and when children are involved it’s even harder. Our mission is to help people get back on their feet and get them the help where they need it. We endeavour to help them to believe in themselves, that they can do anything they set their minds to, and that they are worth the effort.

If you would like to donate to help us continue to provide our services to the community, please click the link below!

Survivor's R Us Incorporated is a Registered Charity Organisation in NSW with the ACNC.

For details on our current status with ACNC, click here.